Journal of Peer Production - New perspectives on the implications of peer production for social change New perspectives on the implications of peer production for social change

Welcome to the Journal of Peer Production

The Journal of Peer Production seeks high-quality contributions from researchers and practitioners of peer production. We understand peer production as a mode of commons-based and oriented production in which participation is voluntary and predicated on the self-selection of tasks. Notable examples are the collaborative development of Free Software projects and of the Wikipedia online encyclopedia.

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Open Calls

15 Nov

Peer production, disruption and the law

Editors: Steve Collins, Macquarie University and Angela Daly, Swinburne University of Technology The disruption caused by new technologies and non-conventional ...

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15 Oct

Shared Machine Shops: Beyond Local Prototyping and Manufacturing

Editors: Maxigas (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya), Peter Troxler (International Fab Lab Association, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences) In the last ...

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Research (RS) papers focus on key facets of peer production, and report substantial findings. They have been peer reviewed.
Debate (DB) papers confront ideas and perspectives, so that both parties fully recognise, understand and question each other\'s position.

#0: Mass Peer Activism - Debate: ANT and power

Actor-Network Theory (ANT) is most closely associated to the writings of Bruno Latour and Michel Callon. The following papers emerged out of discussions at the Virtec conference at the University of Hull in March 2010. Johan Söderberg elucidates the philosophical ...

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Reports (RP) offer accounts of peer production events and conferences, interviews with participants and reviews.

#0: Mass Peer Activism - Report: FCRC

Interview with Leonhard Dobusch and Michelle Thorne The 3rd Free Culture Research Conference (FCRC), Freie Universität of Berlin and Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies (8/9 October 2010). Name and theme of the conference? The 3rd Free Culture ...

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#0: Mass Peer Activism - Report: CPoV

Critical Point Of View: Wikipedia Research Initiative Conferences in Bangalore (12/13 January 2010) and Amsterdam (26/27 March 2010), Institute of Network Cultures and Centre for Internet & Society. What were your goals in organising this conference? CPoV (Critical Point of ...

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