Issue #0: Mass Peer Activism

[h1]Issue 0: July 2011[/h1] [h2]Table of Contents[/h2]

Peer production means that people work together collaboratively and transparently to create a public good. This work often requires the creation of new institutions and rules. One of the aims of Critical Studies in Peer Production is to challenge the current self-reinforcing paradigm where academic journals that ‘reject more attract more’, so that ‘avoiding faults becomes more important than new ideas’.

Editorial Notes html

[h2]Peer reviewed Papers[/h2] The Origins and Impacts of Swedish Filesharing: A Case Study by Jonas Andersson html

The Sociology of Critique in Wikipedia by Mathieu O’Neil html

[h2]Debate: ANT and Power[/h2] ANT & Hegelian Marxism by Johan Söderberg html

In Defence of ANT by Nathaniel Tkacz html

Domination & Networks by Mathieu O’Neil html

[h2]Reports: Conferences[/h2]

Critical Point of View by Johanna Niesyto & Nathaniel Tkacz html

Third Free Culture Research Conference by Leonhard Dobusch & Michelle Thorne html

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