Issue #2: Bio/Hardware Hacking

[h1]Issue 2: July 2012[/h1] [h2]Table of Contents[/h2] [hr]

Editorial Notes

An introduction to the first collection of academic studies covering the emergence of hacker practices in the fields of diy-bio and open hardware development.

by Alessandro Delfanti and Johan Söderberg html

[h2]peer reviewed papers[/h2]

Hackerspaces and DIYbio in Asia: Connecting Science and Community with Open Data, Kits and Protocols
by Denisa Kera html

Hacklabs and Hackerspaces: Tracing Two Genealogies
by Maxigas html

DIYbiologists as ‘makers’ of Personal Biologies: How MAKE Magazine and Maker Faires Contribute in Constituting Biology as a Personal Technology
by Sara Tocchetti html

How to Make a “Hackintosh”. A Journey into the “Consumerization” of Hacking Practices and Culture
by Paolo Magaudda html

[h2] Invited Comments[/h2] Hacking at the Crossroad: US Military Funding of Hackerspaces
by Mitch Altman html

Build Your Own Lab: Do-It-Yourself Biology and the Rise of Citizen Biotech-Economies
by Morgan Meyer html

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