Invited comments

[h2]Invited Comments[/h2] [hr] [h1]From the Theory of Peer Production to the Production of Peer Production Theory[/h1]

Michel Bauwens analyses the ideological positioning of various movements and intellectual groupings and individuals within the ‘left field’ of peer to peer theory production.

[h1]Peer to Peer Production as the Alternative to Capitalism: A New Communist Horizon[/h1]

Jakob Rigi suggests that the combination of the GPL license with the Linux mode of cooperation represents the gist of the P2P mode of production, which coincides with the general principles of advanced form of communism, as described by Marx.

[h1]Beyond Digital Plenty: Building Blocks for Physical Peer Production [/h1]

Christian Siefkes argues that firm- and market-based capitalist production’s inherent traits make them unable to produce plenty for everyone, in contrast to commons-based peer production.

[h1]Changing the System of Production[/h1]

Jean Zin uses systems theory to argue that an increasingly large free public goods and services sector should cohabit in a plural economy with remunerated autonomous work, employment in cooperatives, and the wage-earning of the commercial sector.

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