Debate: Peer production and societal transformation

[h2]DEBATE: PEER PRODUCTION AND SOCIETAL TRANSFORMATION[/h2] [hr] [h1]1. Peer Production and Societal Transformation: Tens Patterns developed by the oekonux project[/h1]

The Oekonux project, originally launched in 1999 in Germany, has been at the forefront of critical thought about peer production. Stefan Meretz, one of the main voices within Oekonux, argues that if Oekonux’s description of peer production as the “germ form of a new mode of production beyond capitalism” is accurate, then new epistemological patterns are required to analyze it. He presents ten patterns intended to overcome traditional oppositional or “leftist” patterns of analysis.


In the first response, Maurizio Teli argues that a practice-oriented approach to peer production can avoid reductionism to economic organization as the unique driver in the shift between different modes of production.

[h1]3. A note on evaluation processes for social phenomena with ambitious claims[/h1]

In the second response, Toni Prug argues that peer production advocates make overly optimistic claims regarding the potential of peer production to concretely impact social relations and modes of production.

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